Case Study



The Sciresa Residence represents a high quality living solution and at the same time sustainable, located in Faido-Mairengo in the middle Leventina Valley. It offers terraced houses in very high sustainability and energy standards (Minergie A – the highest level in Switzerland). The houses are built to the highest standard of building with wooden supporting structure, with the higher levels of plant design and technique.


Via San Gottardo

6763 Faido – Mairengo


Project Sustainability

  • 40% Construction time
  • 80% energy self-sufficient
  • 20% Less Construction Waste

Project Info

Construction of a residential complex with 4 housing units of 120 square meters of Gross Usable Area, with covered terrace, private gardens and outdoor parking spaces.

Client: Modula Holding

Completion: 2019-2020

Project Type: Private house

Architects: Palladino Architetti SA